About Carmina Magazine

Named after the Latin word for "songs" or "poems", Carmina Magazine offers a place where mythology and modern creativity can come together as one.

For generations, writers, artists, and creators have turned towards mythological traditions for inspiration. Carmina Magazine aims to showcase how the stories of the past are still creatively relevant in the modern day, possessing a timeless ability to enthrall, enchant, and inspire long after their initial genesis.

Carmina Magazine is edited by Rhysling Award-nominated writer Clarabelle Miray Fields, who fell in love with ancient stories as a small child living in and traveling around Turkey. Fascinated by the myths of Troy (modern-day Hisarlık, Turkey), she went on to earn a BA in classical languages (2018, summa cum laude) and study in the U.K. as a Fulbright Summer Institute participant. An avid writer as well as reader, her work has been published over 100 times in print and online. She currently works as a web developer and system admin, with Carmina being one of several websites she maintains.

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