Carmina Magazine accepts submissions year-round and is released twice a year in March and September.

We are looking for creative pieces inspired by mythology: epic-style poems, modern versions of ancient tales, stories and poems that re-imagine mythological people and places, retellings, reworkings, and rewritings of old fairy tales, folk tales, fables, and anything and everything in-between. The mythology of all backgrounds, cultures, and time periods is welcome here, as are all genres and creative forms. We accept original poetry, prose, art, and photography of all kinds: you can send us horror, fantasy, lyric poetry, haiku, historical fiction, watercolor, oil paintings, experimental photography, whatever you love best. Our only main "requirement" is that the work owes some seed of inspiration to a mythological tradition.

Submission Guidelines

We prefer stories under 5,000 words and poems under 200 lines. For longer works, please query first. We accept any and all kinds of visual media. Again, our only main requirement is that it involves, invokes, or is inspired by mythology in some way. We are always looking for original art and photography to add beauty and color throughout our issues.

Multiple submissions are encouraged! You can send up to 3 short stories, 5 poems, or 10 art/photography pieces per submission. Simultaneous submissions are fine, please just tell us in your email that you are submitting elsewhere and inform us immediately if the work is accepted before we respond. Reprints are also fine, provided that you have permission to republish your work. If you submit reprints to us, we are going to assume in good faith that this is the case. We will immediately remove your work from our website if we find out otherwise.

Please submit written work in .doc/.docx format and images as .JPG/.JPEG/.PNG files. Important: please do not include your name anywhere on your submission and do not mention submission title(s) in the body or subject line of your email. Submissions are read blind in batches, and as such, submissions with the contributor's name anywhere on them will be automatically rejected. We aim to respond to all submissions within 8-10 weeks. If you haven't heard back after that, please query! Guidelines last updated on 4/29/21.

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Send submissions, questions, comments, and anything else to:

carminamagazine [at] gmail [dot] com