Art by Lindsey Morrison Grant

mask with red hair and images of fruit and tapestry surrounding it
mask on drum skin with green foliage
"Turtle Mojo"


Self-identifying as a neurodiverse, two-spirit, elder storyteller deeply rooted in The Great Pacific Northwest, Lindsey Morrison Grant attributes success and survival, if not salvation, to a superlative support system, mindfulness practice, and daily creative expression through a variety of reclaimed/repurposed/and reimagined words, sounds, images and items.

Artist's note

For "Faith", the artist acknowledges both Judeo-Christian and Hindu cultural influences by choosing reclaimed/vintage mixed media and tapestry-covered canvas to illustrate the fruits of faith, as well as the feint of faith-systems (by incorporating a mask). "Faith" (as with a garden or vineyard) must be tended to produce fruit, including the processes of pruning, gleaning, and welcoming winter's rest. "Turtle Mojo" describes the need and process of creating a sanctuary for oneself both in the physical world and within one's own core-self. This artwork depicts that sated state and the growth experienced when recognizing and centered on the sound of one's own unique drummer.