low view of yellow moon with leaves
Photo by Moments on Pexels

The Coyotes Are Celebrating by Joseph Carrabis

The coyotes are celebrating tonight

Under the full moon's light

That orb as high as a noon day sun

Goring through trees through leaves

Churning night dark earth for all that it's worth

Their paws trampling grasses as they gather from their dens

Their high stepping prances as they gather in the glens

Standing up on hinds, walking o' so tall

Walking like Two-legs, walking wall to wall

Their noses twitching gently sniffing Two-legs' air

Their noses twitching gently as if they really care

Talking woodland politics

Talking 'coons 'possums bear

They're talking woodland politics

Talking who goes here and there

Their laughter rising hairs on Two-legs' necks

Their laughter rising rising 'till the moon's kept in check

Two-legs listen fearful under blankets all night long

To the keening and the weening of Coyote's night long song.


Joseph Carrabis has been everything from a long-haul trucker to a Chief Research Scientist and holds patents covering mathematics, anthropology, neuroscience, and linguistics. He served as Senior Research Fellow and Board Advisor to the Society for New Communications Research and The Annenberg Center for the Digital Future; Editorial Board Member on the Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy; Advisory Board Member to the Center for Multicultural Science; served on the UN/NYAS Scientists Without Borders program; and was selected as an International Ambassador for Psychological Science in 2010. He created a technology in his basement that's in use in over 120 countries. Now he spends his time writing fiction based on his experiences.

Author's note

Susan (wife/partner/Princess) and I woke one night to a local coyote pack having a group howl, obviously thrilled with something. In the next moment, I went back in time to when Coyote and Two-Legs worked and played together and the poem came out fully formed. Carmina came to mind due to its interest in mythological systems and beliefs. Seemed a natural fit.