eden by Gianna Voce

the blood in our hair is nothing personal, and the rotting bodies at our feet hold the birthright of decades. somewhere east of the sun and west of the moon, we scrape bones for marrow and guzzle pomegranate wine, laughing as vegetation flattens beneath our bare heels. we are but the first to sink our teeth into yielding flesh and the first to press our mouths together, grab my waist as apples become mush on the ground below us — such a beautiful prison for the women who bang their fists against the flowers. we clutch our wrists and hear the brittle bones splintering like a stained-glass prayer, grinning. we are what every generation dare not be and in our eyes, we see the skeleton of decay, snakes slithering out of our sockets.


Gianna Voce is an emerging writer from the DC area now living in New York. Her work can be found in PenPoint Literary Magazine and Travesties Press.

Author's note

“eden” is a poem inspired by the stories of Lilith and Eve—the first women God creates in the Bible—that draws upon ideas of womanhood, discovery, and Bible mythology. This poem is a retelling that includes the darker aspects that are often over looked when telling the Bible creation story and also reflects themes found Milton’s Paradise Lost and Ancient Greek mythology.