Eden by Ryan Gibbs

A serpent hisses

as it coils around

bright golden orbs

that fall into

our child-like grasps.

We claw at thick skins,

ravenous birds

ripping fleshy fruit

juice flowing down

our gaping mouths.


succulent seeds

we feed our doom

planted in the soil

of eternal sin.


Ryan Gibbs is an English professor who lives in London, Canada. His over fifty published poems have appeared in Words Gathered (Canada), Last Leaves (United States), Travels & Tribulations (United Kingdom), Short Circuit (France), The Wild Word (Germany), Literature for the People (Malta), and Haiku Pond (Thailand). He also has works of fiction in Winter Enchantment (Australia) and Eyelands 10 (Greece). His children’s poetry has been included in the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness.

Author's note

“Eden” was inspired in part by reading Milton’s Paradise Lost and in particular the concept of “the five watchful senses,” which I explored to create my own poem on the origin of sin.