runes spread out
Photo by Carla Santiago on Unsplash

Uruz by Christine Jeffcoat-Furem

Sterile darkness set aflame.

Cry of beast will soon be tame.

Mother Auroch, dead and pale

whispers of the Vanirs’ tale.

Uruz, mold the cosmic force.

Let rivers flood their narrow course.

Birch and agate break the ground

to heal the wound within us found.


Christine Jeffcoat-Furem writes: I fell in love with books before I knew how to read and have been writing poetry from the age of 9. When I’m not writing, I’m painting, reading or taking photos in north Georgia. You can find my artwork online at Jeffcoat Art. Whether subtle or direct, nature plays a role in everything I create.

Author's note

“Uruz” celebrates Nordic mythology and the rich history of runic alphabets. These symbols and myths are just as insightful today as they were hundreds of years ago. Carmina Magazine is a place for those stories to be remembered and reinvented for modern times.