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"Flowers in the Roman Forum" by Brittany Proffitt

From the Editor



Black and White Myth Paintings by Nina Kossman


D.B. Cooper’s Wife, After the Hush Money by Paul David Adkins

Pandora's Pantry by Allen Ashley

Inside/Outside by Karen Arnold

the fall of Camelot by Suzanne S. Eaton

The Mountain Nymph: a Love Spell by Embreis

Personal Fairytale by Christine Emmert

Uruz by Christine Jeffcoat-Furem

Eden by Ryan Gibbs

Hades' Love by Nina Kossman

Leda by Nina Kossman

Disappearance, Week Four by Seth Leeper

Disappearance, Week Six by Seth Leeper

Disappearance, Week Twenty One by Seth Leeper

Fairytales Retold For Millennials #1 - Ghosting Bluebeard by Kate Meyer-Currey

Fairytales Retold For Millennials #2 - Bite right back at you Mr Wolf by @littleredridinghood by Kate Meyer-Currey

Bodies-Branches by Federica Santini

Night at Ithaca by Federica Santini

Persephone in January: A Chant Royal by LindaAnn LoSchiavo

The Coming of the Post-Truth Age: a three act history by David Taylor

The Real Red Riding Hood by Christian Ward

The Lament of an Ancient Shepherd of Laius by J. Weintraub

Unnatural Selections by J. Weintraub

Odyssey in the Afternoon by Lynn White

A Soft Bed of Stones by Sharon Whitehill


Titelly-Lotta by Stanley Bloom

The Beginning Of The Rainbow by Grant Carrington

Black Wings by Adrienne Clarke

The Doorman of the Underworld by Magda Czajkowska

Trial by Magda Czajkowska

The Copper Dragon by Marco de Meijer

The Legend of the Little Boy by Dean Flowerfield

Loo-wit by Claire Galford

A Flogging Offence by Peter Glassborow

Halcyone and Ceyx by Richard Helmling

Annona by Shelly Jones

Changing Times by Michaele Jordan

The Bad Fairy by Lita Kurth

The Gingerbreadhouse Café by Melissa Miles

Lativia by Harry Neil

Hunger by Basiliké Pappa

Aboard The Ark by Matthew Spence

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