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"Entering Lindisfarne" (2016) by Clarabelle Miray Fields

From the Editor



Plead for me Thetis by Chris Allen

feverbright... by Stewart C Baker

The Coyotes Are Celebrating by Joseph Carrabis

Cassandra’s Defense by Jordan Davidson

The Dream Garden by H.L. Dowless

Half Breed by Ivanka Fear

Aarne–Thompson type 451: the brothers who were turned into birds by Erin Hardee

Cancer Surgery on Half a Shell by Mariel Herbert

Elegy for A Sidhe by Wendy Howe

Morgan le Fay Reflects On Her Fate by Wendy Howe

Echo Oasis by Seth Ketchem

Leda Goes To The Doctor by Pankaj Khemka

Cherry Picking at the Altar by Hollis Kurman

Full of Oneself by Kerry McPherson

White Wolf by Elizabeth Morse

The Wild Swans by Stephanie Parent

What The Hare Said At The Crossroads by Daniel A. Rabuzzi

Io by Adam Sedia

Elegy for Bundles of Hunger by Jaydrath Suna, translated by Pitambar Naik

eden by Gianna Voce

Akhilleus by Harrison Voss

Polyphemus by Ken Weene


Trumpeter and Frumpeter by Andi Brown

Fear and Rain by Gabby Buchholz

Letter from Medusa by Eric Dawson

The Legend of Saint Adstock by Andrew Deathe

The Polyphemus Moth by Amelia Estelle Dellos

Hide and Seek by Adele Evershed

The Sun Net by Patrick M. Hare

Four Nights Found by Ryan Shane Lopez

Triquetra by Eva Lynch-Comer

Maro and the Crows by Kilmeny MacMichael

Dust and Stone by James Penha

The Sinking City by Ian Pool

The Everbloom by Michael Schultz

The Twins: Castor and Pollux by Lisa Voorhees

Kwohhur by T. Wallace

Tidal Bones by Nicole Walsh

From Darkness, the Blooms by Briane Willis

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