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"The Tree of Life, Death and Everything In-Between" by Jerry Kirk

From the Editor



Lindsey Morrison Grant

Jerry Kirk

Judith Skillman


Astronomy by Karen Arnold

Bluebeard’s Wife by Amber Bradbury

Isolde's Song by Michael R. Burch

Galaxy’s Heir to Forgotten Dreams by Christopher Collingwood

Obscure by Louis Faber

The Real Heroes by Iwuagwu Ikechukwu

Silence is the Stethoscope's Song by Iwuagwu Ikechukwu

Mermaid Watcher by Sally Jackson

Agamemnon's Shadow Speaks by Nina Kossman

Ismul, the Boy Warrior by Nina Kossman

Orpheus by Nina Kossman

A Particle Theory of Inheritance by Gabrielle Langley

Dionysus Downtown by Eoin Meagher

Ochokobila by Afiah Obenewaa

Palm Wine Junction by Afiah Obenewaa

To Market, To Market by Stephanie Pressman

The Great Conjunction by Alan Toltzis

Judith and Holofernes by Julia Park Tracey

Martha by Julia Park Tracey

The Road to Annwn by Francine van den Berg

Penthesilea by R. Bratten Weiss

Water in Jars by Emma Wells

Persephone on Our Minds by Julian D. Woodruff

The Ballad in Bagua (Or Eight Trigrams): A Mini Epic by Yuan Changming

Directory of Destinies: A Parallel Poem by Yuan Changming

Sun Shooting: An Other Beginning by Yuan Changming


Nightlight by Woof Achoo

The Mermaid and the Sun by Gary D Aker

To the Rocks by K.G. Delmare

Ordered Online by Lynette G. Esposito

Sofía and the Macaw // Sofía y la guacamaya by Ana M. Fores Tamayo

The Shadow Teacher by Aditya Gautam

Of Arachne's Complext Texts by Shelly Jones

Farewell to Old Gods by Nina Kossman

Gift from the Gods by Panchita Otaño

The Snake Boy by James Penha

Eleven Swans by Kendra Recht

Plenty for Everyone by Maggie Willey

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